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Varioplus - No Drilling Grab Bar System

Everyone needs grab bars to reduce the risk of falling; in the shower, by the bath, by the door

The NHS says that 1 in 3 people over 65 will have at least one fall a year.


BUT drilling into the wall, into your nice bathroom tiles, into stone; then selecting the right size of screw and wall plug to be sure that it is safe…well that can be a problem.


The VarioPlus system avoids all that. The grab bar glues in position. No drilling, no screws, no damage to the tiles or the wall. Fixes to most surfaces including tiles, wood, stone with a unique high-tech adhesive. The grab bar can be removed leaving the wall surface undamaged.


Click here for detailed installation instructions.


Available in 12 inch or 20 inch straight bars, or, for even more choice, a two part pivoting rail adjustable to any angle.

Made of extruded aluminium and glass-reinforced polyamide, VarioPlus is non-rusting.

Tested  for users weighing upto 16stones / 100kg. Made in Germany.