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  • Innovative
    Living Aids

    Red Newt offers innovative, everyday living aids
    that help the disabled community, the elderly
    and others facing mobility difficulties.

  • Dementia

    Eliminate nutrition and hydration problems
    with bright and durable crockery, specifically designed
    for all care settings where dementia
    or the associated cognitive issues are a factor.

  • Terraform

    The TERRAform is ideal for those of reduced mobility.
    It's unique, ergonomic shape enables gardeners
    to sit and work comfortably and independently
    at table height.

  • Invisia
    Bath Bench

    The Invisia Bath Bench is an attractive, natural wood
    bath board that allows people to transfer safely
    and comfortably to the bath from a seating position.

  • Buddy
    Car Step

    The Buddy Step is a useful living aid
    that allows older, frailer people
    to get in and out of a high vehicle safely.

  • Heimlich

    An innovative self-assist choking emergency device
    that allows individuals to self-administer
    the Heimlich maneuver to themselves.

  • Pill Out
    Foil Opener

    The PILL OUT pill-puncher is a great way
    for people with limited grip strength
    to overcome the problem of difficult to open
    medication packaging.

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